Police Thief Chase 3D

The SK I games brings the number 1 and warm pursuit 3d racing game where police will have to chase and thieves are running away from the crime scene. It looks interesting while thinking and even also when you play this game looks real because of the incredible graphics.

There are multiple selections of vehicles containing like dodge charger, SUV, and ford. In this game, a real theft escaped from the prison and try to run away to the Mexico. So in this game as a policeman officer, your role is that you have to catch that escaped theft before he exists the Mexican border. This city is full of cops and thief. There are so many criminal in the city so stop all criminals and get busted as soon as possible one by one.

police-thief-chase-02 (2)

The Police thief Chase 3D game will experience the new level of police chasing game on high-speed simulation gaming. You have to be very fast by driving the car and chasing criminals, so explore your real time chasing skill with perfect accuracy. Enjoy the different challenging levels and complete the Missions.

Features and Requirement:

  • Different Areas like Residential Area, Construction yard site, Hilly environment, lake view, and skyscrapers environment.
  • HD and real life like city environments
  • AI criminal car
  • Different cars of Cops to choose form.
  • Car can be upgraded with coins
  • Unlimited awesome 3D car chase missions
  • Full Action packed music and sound effects
  • Coolest Police vs. Thief Arrest Features 2016
  • Realistic Controls and Easy to play
  • Free and Best Police Thief Run Chase 2016 Game
  • No Wi-Fi required, Can be played without Internet connection

Explore the latest game Police Thief Chase 3D 2016 and try to experience the new challenging levels. If you want feel the real experience then you may download from google play store or you can click on “install” button.

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