VR Swing D2

Your mobile phones gyro will do the best – so take a sit and get crazy experience with VR Swing D2 2016.

Product Description

Please, look at the lever, to start the VR Swing D2 2016.

To fully enjoy this app you’ll need virtual reality glasses/headset (or google cardboard).

This VR attraction is the best choice for the first immersion into the virtual reality world.
It’s compartible with different virtual reality headsets (also known as hmd) such as Google Cardboard or Homido.
Insert smartphone with gyroscope into VR glasses and start the ride.

Look around yourself and experience a full sphere stereoscopic virtual world (like 3D 360 degrees cinema).
Attraction takes you into breathtaking jorney with thrilling moments.

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VR Swing D2

$1,000 $500

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   Development Costs: 2500
  Development Hours: 500
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