App Reskinning as a Business Model

Once you have developed your own criteria and selected your first app template to purchase, it’s time to develop your business model. Before starting, I would like to stress that, for the very reason you are able to save up to 90% of development time in app reskinning compared to coding from zero, you have no excuse to not spend some time and capital in marketing your app.

In the end, app reskinning can be a very profitable part-time or full-time business, in many cases, generating a profit from app reskinning is not that straightforward, but just like any business there are recipes for success that must be developed over time.

First, what does the competitive environment look like for the app or game template you are researching? Are there a lot of reskins already saturating this category or type of game? and “Why would someone sell their source code if re-skinning it makes money?” These questions come up frequently as more and more people enter this world of app flipping and as they try to create their own app empire.