Getting Paid | SellMobiApp

When your work sells on SellMobiApp, you earn a portion of the purchase price. Think of it as a royalty paid by us to you for each download of your components or libraries.

When your earnings reach a certain threshold you will have the option of withdrawing them to a payment service of your choice. You can make this choice when you set up your account. As your work sells, you will accumulate value in your account. How often you get paid only depends on how fast your work sells!

To request a payout simply visit the payout section in your account and enter the requested information.

Any component or library published on SellMobiApp can be sold many times. There are no limitations and no additional costs involved. You earn the same rate on every paid download your component generates. It’s a great source of passive income if you have popular mobile app components that other programmers need!

When you request a payout from SellMobiApp, your funds will be delivered on the next payment date for all eligible purposes made during the payment period specified in the payout request.