How To Play Pokemon

At present, the Pokemon Go provoked worldwide fame has crossed all boundaries of the gaming world. Has accumulated more than doubled in popularity after the release tindara just one week. Pokemon Go early today, 20 years ago in 1995.

  • Has been shown here, is how soon the game Pokemon Go popular game in the world which, US after the release, what has caused the situation in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Pokemon Go game has gained niyanatika Labs is designed to be, now think that this formula is a hit, and the company has also increased the company’s revenue.

What is Pokemon Go, how it is played

  • Pokemon Go is really a challenging game and Real have to find a Pokemon Character varldamanthi and hold.
  • America, Australia and New Zealand are now coming out of the gemathi people.
  • Play the game went on rastamo players have come out of the park.
  • The users will not have to wade in the real world, which means that users will, a game that will turn your Character.
  • You will also see your pokemon around Paul.
  • When you arrive near the phone will vibrate when pokemonani, touch screen phones, you can also pokemonanum encounter.
  • Poka emitted ball game requires special attention to what you can catch.
  • ‘Gotta catch’ em all! ‘Is pokemonanum slogana.
  • Games that users can access the phone’s camera can be used in pokemonane grabbed points.
  • In addition, it can also be used in training and pokemonane You can also battle with Jims.
  • You will have to decide to follow a prescribed distance pokemona Eggs hatch. It is desirable to obtain the kind of side? If you want to achieve pokemona Be prepared to walk up to 10 kilometers.